Knights News · Humanities and Dance

By Rachel Harker

Field Trip to Repertory Dance Theater

On Wednesday, September 30, 2015, the Humanities and Dance classes went up to Salt Lake to see RDT at the Rose Wagner Theater.  RDT was celebrating their 50th year anniversary.  RDT stands for Repertory Dance Theater.  They performed three dances for us: Energizer, Chant, and Dabke.

Energizer is a boastful, exuberant, and acrobatically demanding dance.  It incorporated playful, precise steps woven into evolving patterns.  It is also 12 minutes long.

Dabke was by far my favorite.  It is about life in the Middle East and their “Stomp Dance.”  Instead of it being small and smooth, it was rather choppy and explosive.

The Humanities and Dance students enjoyed the field trip and the experience of seeing the great dancers of RDT.