Coed Varsity Theatre · Murder’s in the Heir

On October 6th, the Red cast for the play ‘Murder’s in the Heir’ gathered on the stage. At 3:15. the play’s director, Robinne Booth kicked off the practice with some announcements pertaining to the schedule conflicts and changes of the plan. The cast agreed with the new schedule and Connie Warenski, Robinne’s assistant director, started the run through.

As the students went through their lines and blocking, Robinne and Connie often stopped the cast and gave them pointers and instructions on how to do it even better. The cast heeded their advice and happily complied. Sometimes the cast even stopped and asked the directors if what they were doing was alright.

The cast ran through the first act twice, making sure they had it down before they went on to the second act. After they finished for the second time, Robinne called it a day. Before the students went home for the evening, a few more announcements were made. The cast was reminded to give their parents the new schedule, the day all lines were to be memorized was given, and students were encouraged to practice at home.

Megan Young